I do not monitor this page.  If you find a link that no longer works let me know so I can remove.  If you know of a BB35 model, please provide a link so I can include it.

East Coast Miniatures, a die cast 1:1250 scale showing the 1945 configuration, $52.

Samek Models:  1945, at 1/700 scale, resin and made by .  Retail is about $60.

Commander Series Models, Inc: for a look at a 1:350 scale one piece full hull model of Texas coming from Commander Series Models, Inc (  The model is part of the Iron Shipwright Signature Series.  As of at least June 2003, the model is available.  The cost is $325. 

Alnavco several pewter models ( link from Lynn Mouser)

  • Navis:  1:1250  1913 Texas $23.50
  • Superior:  1:1200  1945 Texas $17.50
  • GHQ:  1:2400  Texas  $10.50

Panzerschiffe: a plastic 1:2400 scale model of the Texas, for  $4.50

Lastsquare: 1/6000 scale pewter model,  made by Figurehead.