Beam note: To view a port-to-starboard and main deck to keel area, click on the link below the profile. The torpedo blister is highlighted to provide the hull shape before and after the blister addition in the July - Nov 1926 modernization. The number below is the frame number of the section.

Draft - 31.5 feet is the red line below
Normal tons  27,000  29,500 
Full load tons 28,400 32,000
Length at water  ............   565 ft  565 ft 
Length overall 573 ft  573 ft 
Beam.. 92.25 ft  106.25 ft 
Draught 28.5 ft 31.5 ft

Below hull cross-sections at the frame locations above.   The red shading is the outer bulkhead added in 1925-1926, during modernization (aka "torpedo blister").

    For larger images of above cross-sections and additional cross sections - click here